Submission of Papers

Only Word (.doc, .docx) or PDF (.pdf) files can be submitted through the Submission Page. Although there is no page limit, articles of 30 pages or longer are considered too lengthy. Authors are suggested to use the WORD or Tex source file templates provided at the end of this page to prepare the manuscript.

The front page of the article should contain the title, name/s and affiliation/s of author/s, abstract and keywords. The abstract of a paper should not exceed 450 words and should be intelligible to general readers without the need to refer the main document. Articles should, in general, begin with an introduction, which adequately covers the literature and scope of the paper, and end with a conclusion or discussion section. Each section in the paper should be numbered. Any appendices should follow the Reference section.

For the detailed manuscript guidelines, please refer the following Guide for Authors.

Guide for Authors
Word Template
LaTeX Template

Short Overview

The International Journal of Real Options and Strategy, IJROS, addresses planning and strategic aspects of real investment and risk management, which confront decision-makers, corporate planners, managers, consultants, politicians, and researchers. Major articles of the journal provide theoretical contributions to application-oriented empirical studies on a comprehensive range of subject areas, from valuation and risk analysis of corporate investment projects to feasibility evaluation of infrastructure development in public sectors.

The following themes and topics are welcome to this JournalF Theories, Applications, Empirical Studies, and Case Studies on Real Investment, Strategy, Risk Analysis, Valuations, Insurance, Games, and Agency Problems.

  • Articles for submission should be original, novel, and unpublished in other journals.
  • The Journal classifies articles into one of the following three categories. Please indicate the type of your manuscript accordingly during the submission. However, the editor may request that the paper be re-classified to another type during the review process.

1. Academic Paper

Papers that present theoretical and/or empirical achievements and contributions in an academic research paper style. Please download the template file from the Submission section of this page to follow this style.

2. Application Paper

Papers that share knowledge, expertise, insights, and wisdom acquired based on practical experiences in the fields of real investment, risk management, and strategic decision making. Manuscripts are reviewed from the standpoint of their usefulness to practitioners and educators.

3. Technical Notes and Communication (up to 3000 words)

Expression of opinion, insights, and novel findings, which are not yet appropriate for a full-length presentation in a paper, but the author wishes to communicate to as many peers as soon as possible. The total length of notes should be no more than 3000 words.

Submission Fees

There will be no fee charged, for submission or for the paper being accepted for publication.

English Language Help Service

Upon request, we can direct the authors to an editing service provider, gEditage,h who can check and improve the English of their papers (before submission). Language service requests through the mediation of this page will qualify for a 10% discount in the service charges. Please click https://www.editage.jp/atlas.html to avail the service under this privilege. However, the provided link directs to the Japanese site of gEditageh and the service needs to be requested in Japanese.

Review Process

All paper published in IJROS will be reviewed in a fair double-blind process in which,

  • Papers are sent to two to three experts for a peer review;
  • The reviewers' recommendations determine whether a paper will be accepted/accepted subject to change/subjected to re-submission with significant changes/rejected;
  • The papers that are re-submitted after changes will be reviewed again by the same reviewers to ensure that the quality of the revised papers is acceptable.
Accepted Papers for Publication
  • IJROS uses the gTexh format to edit the articles for uniformity. The authors who submit their manuscripts in Word.doc format will be requested to re-edit the articles in Tex format upon acceptance. The authors may choose to request the services of the editorial office to edit the manuscripts in Tex format for a charge.
  • (At least one of the authors of the accepted paper should be a member of the Japan Association of Real Options and Strategy, JAROS. If none of the authors have a JAROS membership yet, please make sure that at least one author becomes a member via the Membership Application Page. This requirement does not apply to the authors of an invited paper.)
  • Accepted papers will be immediately posted on the IJROS site until they appear online officially in the earliest issue of the International Journal of Real Options and Strategy.
Editorial Board


Soichiro Moridaira, Waseda University


Makoto Goto, Hokkaido University

Associate Editors

Ryuta Takashima, Tokyo University of Science

Motoh Tsujimura, Doshisha University